I am Double Jabbed, and would prefer if you were too!

MINIMUM 1 hour bookings only!
Outcalls Only
€150 per hour + £100 per extra hour
I am only available for booking from 2pm to 10pm (the last booking i will take is 8pm, but i can stay with you until 10pm)



I am a little bit quiet and shy, not really what you may expect from an escort, but when it comes down to sexy times, i am far from shy. I am a little submissive and like a man to take control

I do not do much escorting, but i do love (and have missed over the past 18 months) the social side of escorting. I also seem to have a wild side, as i like the excitement and having sex with a man i have only just met. and I like the sense of achievement when I make men happy
I love escorting, and am proud of what i do. I escort mainly because i like doing it and the extra money is a nice bonus (it feels nice to make my own money!)

I offer outcalls ONLY so i can come to your hotel or house. MINIMUM 1 hour bookings only!

Please text or whatsApp for a quicker response as i can not always answer my phone

Covering areas of Vera Playa, Vera, Mojacar, Garrucha, Puerto Ray, Polomares, Villaricos, Turre, Los Gallordos, Bedar and other local areas.
I can also travel as far as Almeria and Alicante/Benidorm, but only for 1 hour appointments (+ €20 travel expenses).

So lets get together and have some fun!

I love sex of all kinds and am up for most things (no pain or rough treatment please. Treat me nice and I will treat you too ;-) ).
I have been told I am really good at blow jobs, and again I genuinely like to suck a nice (they are all nice) willy! I can suck right to the end, you can cum in my mouth, and I like to swallow all then lick you clean if you like, knowing I have done a good job for you!

My true age is 45, but people tell me I look much younger and are surprised when I say my age. People usually say I look under 35 (I like these people :-) ), please see my photos to make up your mind.

I do not see many men over a month, I prefer quality over quantity, I am only doing this for a little fun and pocket money for myself, so if you would like to help me have some fun, send me a message.

Marianne (aka Kitty) xxx





These are my escort services. I do not charge extra for any of them! I enjoy all the services I offer and dont list anything I do not like to do!



Do you offer bareback sex?

NO. All penetration MUST be with a condom.
If you suggest without, or try to remove the condom, I will leave immediately! (no refunds!)
Blow jobs WITCHOUT CONDOM are fine and you can cum anywhere you like including in my mouth.

How do I contact/book you?

You can email on,
Please Text me (+34 689 47 58 95).
Please do not phone me, as I get too many calls from non-English speakers, so please text, whatsApp or Email me please!
If you have an adultWork account you can message or book me there too

Do you enjoy escorting/sex with strangers?

Yes, really! I love the social side, I like the excitement of meeting new men. I enjoy making men happy. The sex can be fun too ;-)

Is your real name Kitty? Or what is your real name?

My real name is Marianne. Kitty is a name I started to use years ago, as most escorts do not use their real name. However I do not hide what I do, I am happy to have my face on photos, so it seems silly not to use my real name. You are welcome to call me Marianne or Kitty, I like both names.

Are you an Escort or a Prostitute in Mojacar/Vera Playa?

OK I added this question for Google, as I was advised to write the word prostitute on my website. Technically I am a prostitute but I prefer the word Escort for some reason. I am however not ashamed of what I do, I meet some really nice men and we all have a great time. I am proud of the job I do, so you can refer to me as an Escort, a Prostitute, a Whore or a Hooker. I do not mind any of them.

What can we do together

Anything you like: You can take me out for drinks and/or buy me a meal, I can give you a naked massage (or you can massage me :-) ), we can do oral sex or you can have sex with me anyway you want!
Or if we have time, we can do all the above! I like and enjoy it all...!

Where are you based?

I offer outcalls around the Vera area and I can visit you at your home, apartment or hotel (please see the areas I cover above).

Do you Escort in Mojacar

Yes, I cover all the local areas and can visit you in Mojacar or you can come to see me in Vera Playa!

I have never used or seen an escort before and am very nervous, is this OK?

Yes of course, I don’t bite! I also get nervous when I know someone is coming to see me (or I am going to them), so you will not be the only one. Believe it or not, I am shy too...
We can talk first and maybe I can give you a naked massage if you like, this helps us both relax and then we can move on to other things when you are ready and if you want to.

Sometimes my little chap gets stage fright and will not get hard. What will happen if I can not get hard?

This is no problem at all! You will not be the first, nor the last; It happens to all types and ages of men.
No matter what happens, we will still have fun. I like to play with willies, hard or soft, big or small and I know a girl sometimes needs to work on getting them hard.
I can play with you with my hands or suck and lick you (or you can lick me :-) ). This usually gets the little chaps attention and they soon get hard, but if you do not, don't worry, we will both still have a good time!

Do you mind if I use Viagra?

Not at all (i CANNOT suppy you with viagra though, you will have to get it yourself!)

How many times can I cum during our time

As many times as you like or as many times as you can. I will he happy to make you cum as much as you want to!

How much notice to you need?

I like at least a days notice, but send me a message and I will see what I can do

Can I kiss you?

Yes, of course! but please don't smother me

Do you orgasm/cum when escorting?

Yes, sometimes and I always try too. However it is not about me, so if I don't orgasm, please don't worry, I will still have a good time with you!

Do you give Blow Jobs

Yes, of course!!!
It is kind of my speciality + I really like giving blow jobs!

Do I need to wear a condom for Blow Jobs


If I have a blow job, can I cum in your mouth?

Yes, of course.
I will be very happy to keep sucking until you have cum in my mouth and totally finished. I like to suck you clean too and I always swallow!

Can I lick your pussy?

Yes of course, PLEASE DO!!!
If you lick me for around 10 minutes I will probably orgasm!

Can I make you orgasm

However you do not need to make me orgasm, I will still have a good time! it is about me pleasing you.
BUT if you want to make me orgasm I will not object, I may not be able to help it anyhow or if I can I may play with my pussy so I orgasm, while you are fucking me!

Can I use toys on you!

Yes, I will bring along a small wand vibrator, this is one of my favourites and if you play with it gently on my clit I will have orgasm after orgasm. If you keep making me orgasm, be warned, I may squirt!

What positions do you have sex in?

Any position you like. I am a little submissive, so I like you to tell me what position you want me in.

Will you come out on a date with me for drinks and food with me?

Yes, of course I will.

Is taking me on a date for drinks and food the same price

Yes and No. It depends!
If I have seen you a few times before and you want to take me out on a date + take me home after. Please ask me for prices.
If I have NOT seen you before, then Yes, my standard prices apply.

Do you Squirt / Ejaculate?

Yes, but usually only when I masturbate or if you use toys on me. You are very welcome to try and make me squirt for you, I don't always squirt, but will have a great time trying!!

Can I take a few photos of you, when we meet?

Yes, I am not shy and am not ashamed of what I do or being photographed naked.
You can have my face in the photos, this is not a problem.
Tell me the poses you want, and I will be happy to try.
Rude/naked photos, legs wide spread open, sex photos, me sucking your cock, or anything else naughty are all fine!

Can I video our time together?

Yes, of course!
I am not a shy girl (well not about being seen naked or having sex), so you can have sex with me and video it for your personal memories!
If I can have a copy, even better! but I understand if you dont want me to have a copy too.

Will I make a porn film or be in a porn film?

Maybe, but please ask me for prices and let me know details of what will be expected of me?

Do you really not wear knickers

No, I never wear knickers. I don't like them. They are unconfutable and only make my pussy sweaty, so I don't wear any. If you really want me to wear some, let me know before we meet (as I will have to go and buy some!), but I would rather not and will take them off as soon as I can :-)

AND AGAIN Do you offer Bareback / No condom?

If you want to have sex with me, you MUST use a condom!
Even ask and I WILL leave!



These are my rates and include anything listed in my servies. I do not charge extra for anything. You are paying for my time, so we can do anything we both enjoy during this time! If I need to travel to meet you, I am happy to do this as long as our time together is at least 1 to 2 hours and for the costs of my travel. Please ask me for the total pricing.

  • 1 Hour Out Call!
  • €150 per hour
  • All services included
  • 1 Hour + Travel
  • Free Travel within 20km
  • 2 Hour Out Call!
  • €250 per 2 hours
  • All services included
  • 1 Hour + Travel
  • Free Travel within 30km
  • Extra Hours Out Call!
  • €100per EXTRA hour
  • All services included
  • €100 extra hour
  • Free Travel within 30km
  • Travel Over 25km
  • €40around per 150km
  • For booking 2 hours or more
  • I only charge my costs
  • Between Murcia & Almeria




+34 689 47 58 95
(please do not phone i only take texts and whatsApps)